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WIBLE BARBER ARCHITECTS strives to design buildings that can most importantly function as required by the owner, be completed on time and within budget and give the user a place where they will enjoy spending time.

The firm can provide architectural and interior design services, space planning, master planning and construction contract administration services. They are able to achieve these services using Revit, a three-dimensional modeling software. Building modeling is used from project inception through the end of construction. It gives architects and clients a more accurate picture of what is happening spatially and materially both inside and outside the building.

WIBLE BARBER ARCHITECTS, LLC was founded by architects Bill Wible and Jennifer Barber in 2017.  The firm is located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Bill Wible has been practicing architecture since 1970.  Jennifer Barber has been licenced since 2000. Bill and Jennifer have been designing architectural projects together for many years at an architectural firm where Bill Wible was an owner.  Jessica Mims, an interior design graduate, having worked with Bill and Jennifer at that firm since 2013, decided to join them and continue their work together in the new firm.  James Wible, having a background in construction and buisness management joined the firm in 2018 as office manager.

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